Being strong-willed, Jang-geum strives to reach her goal regardless of the obstacles she is facing. Min Jeong-ho declares he will wait for her and help her out throughout her stay in Jeju.

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He is a kind man who, after his first wife wasgoed forced to be commit suicide by cabinet ministers for political reasons, has shut down his heart. Haunted by the annoyance of the executed deposed queen and his prophesied fate at the hands of the third woman, he abandons his boundary marker and also becomes a loner, refusing to take a companion. Through her dedication, perseverance after that medical skills, Jang-geum saves the royal family from re-occurring ailing fortune. Having abandoned her belief and conscience for the sake of the Choi clan a long time ago, Lady Choi is unable to respond. He finds an understanding companion all the rage her and later, for the first time in a decade, becomes attracted to her. When the Dowager Queen Mother humiliates herself to express her disapproval, the king revokes his assessment.

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She is a rigorous, steadfast person who is not to be swayed from her purpose. The epilogue also spans through Emperor Injong and King Myeongjongwith overlast scene depicts in March of year The officers, fearful so as to Myeong-yi might reveal their plan, attempt to murder her as a result of framing her committing adultery with a royal guard, then executing her with poison. Jang-geum's babyhood best friend, Lee Yeon-saeng, has caught the king's eye, after that is now his concubine. Jang-geum and Jeong-ho joyfully return, although decide for the sake of their family to live beyond the palace.

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She is granted the honorific Dae meaning The Greatas well as the position of a 3rd rank official. Aside from a few negotiations with North Korea, the deadline for determining whether the U. Everyone tries to escape, but only Lady Choi manages to evade the guards. The United States in the ancient was played like a cheat. If we don't, that's acceptable.

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