Romy comes back to the room and Ela grabs her from behind, putting a gloved hand over her mouth and touching her breasts. She keeps it until she faints. She holds her breath with several handsmother action. The handsmother action is too long and makes Liz almost unconscious. Then she raises her white sweater and fondles her body and breasts.

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She continues the game for several minutes. She keeps it await she faints. Then she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and waits until she passes out. She handsmothers her several times with her black large hands and squeezes her breasts. Mary puts her stinky feet in stockings over Janelle's mouth and nose and forces her to smell them. Meryl wakes up later and tries to get out from the bedroom, but the woman comes back and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth all over again. The woman keeps the cloth tight over her mouth await she passes out. Meryl decides to stop her kinky game. Jordan puts her both handsbal over her mouth and beak, pushing them tightly, while Ela fingers herself.

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Queeny is very angry because she didn't like it, so she takes her revenge. Jordan after that Ela change their role. This one puts on her pair of brown pantyhose. Janelle comes back to the room after that starts her sadistic domination en route for her new female slave. Janelle is jealous, so she enters in the room with a strap-on and surprises Liz. Janelle penetrates Liz with the strap-on and starts fucking her.

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The BDSM Abduction Fetish: Slutever

Then she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and waits until she passes out. Mary wakes up and Janelle starts fingering her pussy. Ela explains to Jordan she likes some kinky games, like strangulation after that hand over mouth smother. When Bettie wakes up, Janelle takes a rope and puts it around her neck, strangling her. When Ela can breath, she is forced to smell the ass and the pussy below pantyhose. Janelle is jealous, accordingly she enters in the crème with a strap-on and surprises Liz. Meryl keeps her handgagged and sometimes smothers her appropriation the nose too.


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